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Monavie Health Drink

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By melonyhomework on
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I purchased Monavie Active juice from a friend who got into the juice business in the spring of 2006 as a favor to her. I listened to how great Monavie was and how it contained Acai berry which I heard was a superfood on Oprah. It also contained all these other berries and fruits that would be too expensive and hard to get year round. I already knew that berries were something I wanted to get more of in my diet because they help prevent cancer, so I felt drinking the juice couldn't hurt me and it was a less expensive way of getting berries into my system daily.

My friend told me how many people were being "cured" of ailments and that people with diabetes didn't have to take their pills anymore once they started drinking the juice. She told me that her restless leg syndrome, that had given her many sleepless nights for many years, actually went away after drinking the juice for several months. I really didn't beileive the claims and felt that I'd just be drinking the juice for good health reasons.

Just to tell you about me...I don't think I have many health problems, but I have a very weak immune system. Ever since I was born if someone sneezed or coughed near me I knew I'd be sick in a day or two. Every year between November and February I would get this horrible cough with a lot of congestion (bronchitis like symptoms) that lasts for over a month.

Well, it's the spring of 2008 and since I've been taking Monavie for 2 years I have not been sick! When March of 2007 hit and I realized I hadn't been sick I thought it was just a fluke. Now it's been 2 winters that I didn't get my horrible cough. I have had moments where everyone around me was sick and I'd get the feeling in my throat like something was coming on, but I would just drink more of the juice and I'd never catch the cold! It's crazy and I don't blame anyone for not believing me, but it really works.

Here are some of the downsides of Monavie which makes me not give it a 5.0 for the overall rating: You have to buy it from a distributor. They are not sold in stores. One bottle is around $40 (1 week supply). Monavie is a network marketing company, so if you want the juice more than likely someone will try to get you to sell it. Also, I think the juice tastes great and so do my kids, but I remember when I first tried it I didn't think it was as tasty as I do now.

What I do: I'm absolutley in love with the juice, but I'm not big on network marketing...mainly because I moved around a lot in life and I don't have the same amount of friends as most people. So, I did sign up just so I could get a wholesale price on the juice. I have it shipped to me every month. One month's supply is 4 bottles...I pay about $142 with shipping per month. I know it sounds like a lot, but when I calculated trying to get a bowl of blueberries in my diet everyday (which would only be one of the 20 fruits you get in the juice) it was really a bargain.

If you have health problems or a poor immune system like I did, I'd say it's worth a try. I'll never stop drinking it.

Here are the fruits in the juice: Acai Berry, pomegranate, white grape, nashi pear, acerola, pear, aronia, purple grape, cranberry, passionfruit, banana, apricot, prune, kiwi, blueberry, bilberry, camu camu, wolfberry and lychee.