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Moniter Your Blood Pressure With Omron

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Cyn Bagley By Cyn Bagley on
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When I first started having problems with my kidneys (caused by my disease), my husband bought an Omron so that we could check my blood pressure at home. The first blood pressure monitor had a soft cuff that was hard for me to wrap around my upper arm. So about three years later, I went looking for another blood pressure monitor.

I ended up at Longs Pharmacy. It is quite a distance from my house, but I like to go there because they have a very helpful staff and even though I end up spending more than I should, I am really pleased with their products. So the assistant manager showed me the different omron monitors. At the time I thought that I'd like to get a monitor with a pressure cuff on the wrist. After talking the the assistant manager and the pharmacist, they recommended the upper arm pressure cuff because a more accurate reading, which in my case is very important.

I bought it, like it, and recommend it to anyone that needs a portable blood pressure monitor. The cuff has be redesigned so that it is harder and cups the upper arm, which makes it easier for me to put it on one-handed. I don't need to ask my husband for help. Also, it has a memory in the monitor so that you can compare it with your weekly readings. I don't use this much because my doctors want to see a month of blood pressure readings. Yes, I put them in Excel and then print out the readings when I go to my appointments.

I am grateful for omron for providing such a good product. And, if I go on vacation, I just zip it into a small pack and put it in the suitcase. Really easy. Real simple.