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Monopoly Party: Gamecube Game Review

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Monopoly Party for Gamecube, also available for Xbox and PS2, is a fantastic substitute for the Monopoly board game. It incorporates many of the optional rules that people like to use in the game settings, and you can customize game play in that way. Additionally, there are five different themes you can play, and we all know how much people love their Monopoly themes.

When you setup a game, you can choose classic, sci-fi, prehistoric, fantasy, or ancient monuments for the theme. Each player rolls to figure out who picks first. The players then choose their pieces and house styles order. Finally, party mode begins. In party mode, all players roll the dice at once. If more than one player lands on an unowned property, even if you turn off the “auction rule”, that property gets auctioned. When players roll doubles, those who didn’t roll doubles get left out in the next turn.

Otherwise play is pretty much the same as the board game. However, between the simultaneous play and the automation of things like keeping track of money, it’s pretty easy to finish a game in about 30-40 minutes if you play fairly quickly. This is a huge contrast from the board game, which often takes about 3-4 hours or more.

Overall, Monopoly Party is great fun. It would have been nice to see more themes, and even more customizable rules, but even still it is probably the best rendition of the classic game Monopoly as a video game to date. I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys Monopoly.