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Monopoly: Pirates Of The Caribbean Trilogy Edition

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Jenn Huffer By Jenn Huffer on
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I am a huge Monopoly fan. I loved the original and I'm loving a LOT of the themed versions as well. I'm also a huge Pirates of the Caribbean fan so when I was at Downtown Disney in April and I saw a Pirates of the Caribbean version of Monopoly I just had to have it. The price was very reasonable seeing as I was at Walt Disney World. I payed $35.00 for it (my mom payed $36 for the POTC Scene It? game at Walmart so I didin't think $35 was bad at all).

The game board is beautiful. a Scul and cross sword image in the middle and the properties all have stills from the three movies. It's very colorful ad piratie.

The game play rules are all the same as the original Monopoly. Some of the different features on this edition include:

~ The game board spaces ad corresponding Title Deed cards feature prominent locations from the three Pirates of the Caribbean movies Curse of the Black Pearl, Dead Man's Chest and At World's End. All the property values remain the same as the original game though.

~ Ships (The Black Pearl, The Flying Dutchman, The Endeavor and The Empress) replace the traditional railroad spaces.

~Davy Jones' Chest replaces Electric Company and Davy Jones' Key replaces Water Works.

~Pirates Dice and Treasure cards replace classic Chance and Community Chest cards.

~Cursed Loot replaces Income Tax and Docking Fee replaces Luxury Tax.

~ The money looks different with POTC characatures on them.

~ Choose from six collectable Pewter Tokens. Jacks Sparrow's Hat, Jack's Shrunken Head, Davy Jones' Dice Cup, Davy Jones' Heart, Davy Jones' Locket, or Flying Dutchman Cannon.

~Houses and hotels are renamed Docks and Harbors.

This is a great version of Monopoly for the POTC fan. We have fun everytime we play and it's great playing with our favorite Pirates.