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Monster By Frank Peretti

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Being a Peretti fan, I couldn't wait to read this book. I expected something new, multi-layered, well-written, and of course a page-turner. My expectations were mostly correct. Monster is a combination of mystery and science fiction, with Bigfoot, evil scientists, and genetically altered apes. No demons, angels, or prophets; definitely something new for Peretti. The writing is good, although Peretti indulged his tendency to be a bit wordy, and the field of secondary characters seems to be a little overpopulated.

The story begins with a young couple, Reed and Beck Shelton, hiking in the woods. They are attacked by some unknown creatures, one of whom carries Beck away. Here the story splits in two, switching between rescue efforts and Beck as she finds herself among a family of wood-dwelling creatures. It took me a while to figure out all the puzzles, but I eventually did, I am proud to say, before all the cards were laid on the table by the author. The book was an interesting read. Perhaps not Peretti's best, but very worthwhile.