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Monster House

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I was disappointed with Monster House. This animated feature is geared towards children. This movie could have been so much better. The idea of a house coming alive and going after people is a good one. The graphics are excellent. Unfortunately, this movie did what so many other children's movies do... they use cheap bathroom humor and inappropriate material to make up for the lack of a decent storyline.

I honestly do not know who this movie was intended for. It contains crude humor and sexual inuendo. That's wonderful for a movie promoted for kids, right? This movie is rated PG. It should be rated PG13. I found it not appropriate for children under 13 and anyone over 13 may find this movie long, drawn out, and uninteresting. Much of the movie, especially the painfully long ending, may be too scary for many children.

The main character is a twelve year old boy named DJ. He lives across the street from a strange house that is occupied by a decrepit curmudgeon. DJ convinces his sidekick, Chowder, and Jenny, an annoying girl who was selling candy, to help him prove something weird is going on at the house, perhaps people and objects are disappearing into it.

DJ's parents have gone to a dental convention, leaving him in the hands of a horrid babysitter who actually physically shoves him at one point. She doesn't stop there. Her beer guzzling freak of a boyfriend stops by DJ's house looking for some action (from her) as they stumble from the couch during a make-out session. What is implied later from one of the comments this babysitter makes after hearing that her boyfriend may have been eaten alive is highly inappropriate for a children's movie.

The characters range from unlikeable to very disturbing. DJ is probably the best of the lot.

Another problem I had with this movie was their depiction of the African American police officer, his overweight partner, and the obese side-show lady. It seemed like the bafoons in the movie were either overweight or African American. They make those characters appear either mean, stupid, or disgusting.

This movie is creepy, but not for the right reasons. I do not recommend anyone waste their time or money on Monster House.