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Mood Infusion Beverages Are Interesting, Supplemental?

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A friend gave me these beverage mixes, which are meant to be vitamin and energy supplements. I’m not sure if they work, but the flavor of at least two of them is good. She swears that the two for energy help her get through the afternoon without having a big crash around 4 pm.

These are part of a whole package of products under the Ideal Health label, which is a Donald Trump MLM enterprise. I can’t tell you much about that, but I have tried a few of the products, thanks to my friend.

The Mood Infusion Beverages come in three flavors, and two types.

1. WindUp- “Matcha Green Tea morning energy enhancer for lift, energy and clarity.”

2. ReWind- “Citrus Essence midday boost for stamina, cognition and confidence”

3. UnWind- “Chill Berry evening stress eraser for soothing, calmness and relaxation”

All three come in individual packets with tear-off ends to dump into a water bottle. They say 16 oz, but they taste fine in 20-22 oz. Each packet has 15 calories. Although I deplore all the packaging, you can easily carry a couple with you to put into a water bottle and thus avoid buying a store juice or soft drink. As you can see, I just mixed them in an empty Coke bottle.

I, and all the people I know who have tried them, like the citrus one. It tastes kind of like Sunny Delight. I had one while driving home from NY, and never got drowsy mid-drive. I have no idea if the drink was the reason, or it just wasn’t that kind of a day. It has quercetin, green tea, bitter orange, and oriental ginseng.

No one I know except me likes the green one. It tastes fine, the problem is the color. It tastes like mango with slight tea overtones. But it looks like polluted seaweed when mixed up. Actually I like this one a lot. It has green tea, ginkgo leaf and root, and bacopa.

I love the taste of the berry one, but would really prefer to drink this flavor in the morning. If it really calms you down, morning is not the time to drink this. I had one in the afternoon, and didn’t notice any effect at all. It has griffonia and St. John’s wort.

I have had two of each flavor, and am not sure about the energy effects. I think I would need to use them more often to draw any kind of real conclusion. My friend says that the orange one has made a significant difference in her afternoon capabilities. She is ready to roll at 6 am every day, but usually crashes mid-afternoon.

They come in boxes of 14 sticks, all in one flavor. These are supposed to be compared to the high end energy drinks that cost several dollars a can and have no nutritional value at all, rather than to Kool Aid. I have to say that I personally would be unlikely to buy these. At $54.40 for 14 sticks that’s $3.86 per bottle of juice. For that price they would have to REALLY work miracles to impress me. However, if you are one of the people who can’t tolerate caffeine, but would like a boost, or who want a drink to calm you down, these might be a good alternative. They claim that these “profoundly support human health and metabolism.”

If you want to try them, follow this link: Ideal Health Products.