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Moon Child

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Moon Child is a japanese movie that was released back in 2003 about vampires. It takes place in the future in a place called Mallepa that is full of Japanese and Chinese immigrants. Tensions rise between the two having each form gangs and starting many problems with organized crimes. Three young orphans Shinji, Toshi and Sho (Shinji's younger brother) steal money from one of the big bosses and take off.

While finding a place to hide Sho runs across a man who is weak so he takes him back to their hiding spot to get him better but while Shinji and Toshi are counting the money they get found out almost getting themselves killed. Shinji gets shot in the leg, Toshi runs off the man tells Sho to go get him and bring him back. Not long after Sho is gone he hears screaming. Going back to investigate he finds out that his new found friend has killed the chinese boss and is drinking his blood. Several years pass and Sho grows up while his vampire friend Kei has stayed exactly the same and Toshi, Sho and Kei are now stealing money from the chinese gangs.

During one of their money raids they meet a man named Sonny who is avenging his younger sisters rape and they decide to help him out. They meet his younger sister Ye Chie which both Sho and Kei fall for. Only Sho, Shinji and Toshi know that Kei is a vampire. One day a few hours after Ye Chie is presented with an award for making a murual on one of the walls some gang members catch up with them and kill Toshi.

Kei then drags one of the men off and feeds on him. Sonny and Ye Chie then know also what he really is and Kei then disapears. It then fast forwards nine years later Shinji owns a bar, Sho and Ye Chie are married and have a six year old daughter name Hana. Sho is now a big gang boss and Sonny is now with their rival gang. Kei is arrested for murder and awaiting the death sentence.

Sho sees him on tv and goes to visit him. While he's gone his gang members are killed by the rival gang and then his brother who goes to kill the gangs boss. Sho's wife has fallen ill with a brain tumor and there is no hope of surviva and Sho is having to deal with raising his daughter alone. Kei escpaes during transport to come to his friends side and together they go to face the gang that has killed so many that they cared about.

Kei makes a promise to take care of Hana if Sho is killed and they go running into the gangs hide out for the last time. Kei is then faced with thoughts about what he must if Sho is injured let his best friend die? Or make him into a vampire so they can live for eternity together.

This movie is one of my absolute favorite foreign films. Hyde (Kei) and Gackt (Sho) do some wonderful acting and them being very good friends already helps their roles. The special effects are top notch and the quaility is fantastic. There are a lot of sad parts the actors really show their emotions and that always helps people get into the film.