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Moon Sand: Sand Castle

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Two of our children received Moon Sand Sand Castle kits from relatives this year, and I honestly didn't know what to think. Our daughter has wanted Moon Sand forever and a day, and I've shied away. It seems like such a messy toy. We have a sandbox in the summer the kids can play in, and by December, I'm finally getting the last crystals of that out of my house. But, we had to try it none-the-less.

The Sand Castle comes with a plastic suitcase that you inflate. You can blow it up in about ten seconds. Flip it over and slip a playmate inside the plastic, and viola, you're ready to dump in the Moon Sand.

Moon Sand itself is a little hard to describe. Remember those grey erasers from back in school that didn't quite work like the springy pink ones? Imagine 20 of those ground to a pulp, and you have a pretty good idea of Moon Sand consistency. Fun, easy to play with, but a bit plastic or rubber-scented for my liking.

Once in the suitcase, you can secure the velcro cover and actually fold it in half, buckle it with more velcro fasteners and have a handy carrying case. The problem is keeping the sand contained in the suitcase BEFORE closing it.

This toy also comes with a small shovel and four molds for making castle pieces. While it's very easy to get the Moon Sand outside of the play area, it's much easier to get the pieces to maintain their shape and form castles than when playing at the park or the beach. It's also much easier to clean up!

If your kids have fun at the sandbox, like playdough or other art products, Moon Sand is a good investment ... and the Sand Castle kit adds a cute, convenient dimension to play that makes the investment worthwhile.