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More Color But Less Color Choices

Reviewing: Cover Girl Outlast Lip Stain Pencil  |  Rating:
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As a lipstain product, this Covergirl Outlast lipstain marker seems to do well in the area of easy application although as with all stains, once it's on, it's a little difficult to make corrections so you want to ensure you have a steady hand when applying it, particularly to the outer lip line.

The selection of colors is, as with most stains, slim. Lipstain tends to lean towards the darker shades (plums, browns, deep reds) so if you aren't into any of those shades, then lipstain from most manufacturers likely won't appeal to you, but the Covergirl line tends to have shades that in my view aren't some of the greatest even in those lines.

I'm not a Red person but I do like the plums and brown shades occasionally and this particular shade, Cinnamon #443, is a darker brown that seems to blend quite well with other brown shades or even pinker shades that I already have available in tubes or as brush on applications. The felt tip application method of this lipstain is thin enough to allow for fine line application as well as thicker overall lip coverage and it goes on relatively easy. You do want to ensure your lips are smooth and free from dry skin before applying as this product will tend to darken dry skin moreso than the rest of your lips.

The cover that comes with the marker is a heavy plastic with a section that encloses the tip of the marker for added security to ensure air doesn't get into it as that will dry the marker out and make it unusable.

I purchased this in May so haven't used it very often as during the summer I tend to go with lighter, more dewy lip looks but when I change to the darker colors beginning in fall, this particular shade will blend beautifully with the browns and plums that I often wear in the winter months.

Stay power - this product tends to have a reasonable staying power as a lipliner but as an overall coverage it seems to lose it's power in a few hours after application, particularly if you eat/drink etc. I imagine that if you applied a good layering of it to the lips (which would be quite dark) that the stay put aspect might indeed be more long lived but with only a light application the lipstain doesn't appear to hold up quite as well as I'd like it to and I end up with a darker outer lip area and the inner lip area pales noticably...not a very flattering look to say the least.

I would suggest that anyone using this lipstain also use a good lipgloss as I found the stain by itself tends to make the lips feel rather matte and dry after a short time.

In short, would I purchase this product again? Not likely to be honest. I'm still not convinced that this won't dry out before I have used it all, but the fact that it doesn't seem to have the staying power I expected from a lipstain makes me satisfied to have tried it but it hasn't made me a long time user. You may form a much different opinion if you purchase it, but if you do...perhaps wait til the price reduces a bit more or you see it on sale somewhere.