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More Than An Ok Brazilian Keratin Treatment!

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What's all of the craze with BKT (known as Brazilian Keratin Treatments)? Well I HAD to try it for myself and I was really impressed with the results! Brazilian Keratin Treatments are products that use a form of protein called keratin to repair the cuticle. Formalin is used to help bind the keratin to the cuticle. It works to smooth the cuticles of curly, frizzy hair and is temporary, usually lasts 3-6 months.

OK Keratin was the product I chose to use for my 1st BKT. OK Keratin has 1.7% formalin in it. I really researched the internet on BKT before making the plunge to ensure that I educated myself about how to apply this product properly. The kit I purchased from eBAY included the BKT and a clarifying shampoo. The BKT has a thick consistency like a deep conditioner and the shampoo was green in colour. Printed instructions were also included in the kit.

To apply this product you need a face mask, gloves, an applicator brush, bowl, rat tail comb, a flat iron that reaches 450 degrees, a fan and a well ventilated area. Once I had all of these things I was ready to do the application. The clarifying shampoo stripped my hair of all product build up. I was really scared as my hair felt like straw but the hair needs to be totally clean before BKT can be applied. Then I poured out the entire bottle into a bowl and began brushing on the BKT like you would a colour, being careful NOT to touch my scalp. I would them comb through the BKT with the rat tail comb and part another row of hair. Once all the BKT was applied I had to dry my hair with a blow dryer to about 80% dry. Then, I began to part and flat iron my hair.The whole process took about 2 hours.The formulation I had meant that I had to keep the product in my hair for 4 days - no water, washing, clips, ponytails or pulling my hair behind the ears. OK Keratin's new formuation is a 24 hour period so you can see the results way sooner than I did!

As you can see from the pics below, BKT took my frizzy, curly hair and made it smooth and shiny! The last picture is of my curly hair which looked shiny and had great curl definition with using less curls product than I normally would! The results of OK Keratin is smooth hair that is easy to detangle, dry and style. Best of all, there is absolutely no frizz and your hair is not affected by humidity.