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More Than Just 4.7 G Bs Go 'Head 'Flash' Around

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forbiddenglory By forbiddenglory on
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I bought myself one of these during a time in which I wanted to compare formats and see what's "what" and whether or not they work as far as compability issues go. First off, the design on these are rather unique yet "good-looking" at the same time - definitely a vast improvement over its predecessor (former Staples DVD's on the same format - that being DVD-R which were writable up to only 8x and were, in all honestly, an ugly looking design you'd ever see given its simplicity with only lines - however it's not really much of an issue in my opinion since one may tend to mount labels on them and whatnot), given its seemingly modified "Great Wall of China design" (no, not literally, but it's only an interpretation!) that circles around from one end to the other. As with all other blank DVD's from other brands, these give you 4.7GB's each (for the data portion and for back-up purposes), along with a total of 120 minutes in SP mode if you're looking to use some on a DVD recorder.

So far, I haven't really had a problem with these, but in one specific DVD player (it's a cheap one that a friend of mine owns), a written DVD with no issues just wouldn't play (wasn't surprised however due to, in a sense, the DVD player's brand being "DVD PLAYER"). There might just be more players that happen to not be compatible with these, but as far as my experience goes with using these with players such as Sony and Toshiba, I haven't came across a problem whatsoever, and the output quality looks darn fine on these, as compared to other DVD's which I used for comparison reasons (not to throw names around, but Kodak was one of them). Same settings used for both, same everything - just the output happened to not be the "same".

Another benefit that you'll get out of these is how they're being sold - each spindle (new ones that have been released in stores recently) comes with a free 128/256MB flash drive - and with that being the case, what's there really to lose considering that you have fine DVD's that get the job done and well for that matter, a free flash drive that actually works (some may assume that it was just thrown in to look sexy and it may not even work since there's really nothing inside), and above all, an unbeatable price as compared to other prices from other brands?