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Morocco, A Bit Of Culture Shock!

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Vassili Shields By Vassili Shields on
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I happened to go to Morocco a few years ago when I was vacationing in southern Spain. We took a quick ferry (about an hour) across the mediterranean and ended up in Tangiers. Compared to the luxurious environment of Marbella where we had been staying in Spain, Tangiers was very impoverished, and we were constantly haggled to follow people with "tour guide" stickers on their shirts. Everyone spoke in broken english and demanded our attention. They held out items for us to purchase.

I got particularly nervous because my mother was wearing shorts and all the locals were staring anf glaring. The ladies in Tangiers were covered from head to toe in black garments and my mother certainly stood out! I just hoped we werent breaking any laws.

In the end we shortened our trip and went back to Spain. I'm sure the location we visited is not representative of the country as a whole but regardless I would recommend only traveling in a place like Morocco with real trustworthy tour guides, or others who are knowledgeable about customs etc.