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Mosquitoes Don't Dare To Come Near Me!

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When my hubby and I were married, we moved to a place where there are mosquitoes, lots of them, living surround our house. I was confused because at the first day I arrived, I was bitten by them and that caused some rashes that lasted for days, even a week. The worst place is the tennis courtyard. I remember taken by my hubby seeing his tennis practice and we went at the afternoon and went back at the evening. I was wearing thick jeans at that time. The next morning I found out that my thighs and legs were all full of rashes. I was pissed. Then my hubby bought me this mosquito repellent, Soffell. It comes in sachets and also in a bottle. When traveling, it’s best to take the sachets. The repellent is in form of cream/lotion, and it has two protective ways: by its scent and by its lotion. Mine is geranium-scented, although there are other scent variants like orange skin and ‘sereh’ (a traditional leaf used traditionally for repelling mosquitoes). The bottle comes in 80g and the sachet is in 10g. Before I go out, I usually apply this on my skin, especially legs and hands. Although it’s mentioned that it’s safe for the face, I don’t dare to apply this on my face (because I have a very sensitive skin). This repellent works great! The mosquitoes no longer bite me, in fact they are afraid coming near me after I apply this. This repellent doesn’t stick either, and it doesn’t cause any allergic reactions to my skin. However, there is one flaw: it doesn’t hold long enough; I think it only holds for about two hours, or three maximum. But I’m glad that my hubby found this product for me. Recommended product!