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Most Practical, Easiest To Use, Most Effective

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Chuck Ekere By Chuck Ekere on
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The Mighty Putty is not your average epoxy. In fact, it is capable of bonding different materials, from paper to metal, and in ways that no regular epoxy will be able to match. It comes on a stick and is claylike, so it is cleaner than all liquid epoxies, and you can also effortlessly measure the quantity you desire to use, so no more messy hands, stained clothes, spills all over work areas. It even has the strength to hold together a previously broken chain used by a bulldozer to pull a big rig I had a beautiful looking 1997 Pontiac Grand Am that ran well, but had a serious oil leak, and a missing side skirt, so I decided I was going to fix it myself rather than spending money at the mechanic shop. So I went and bought the mighty putty at Walgreens, and the side skirt from out of town, then came back home and applied it to the crack in the engine block, stuck some to the skirt and pasted it on the side of the car, and left the car parked overnight. In the morning, I looked at the putty I put and it stuck unusually well, then went out to test drive the car, for 2 hours, there was still not a single drop of oil. In fact, I never had to think about any such thing any longer, just drove the car with a lot of confidence, ease and comfort. Also, As I put the side skirt, the car drove and looked brand new. It just goes to show that the product is just so good that it can be used to repair something on a CAR or TRUCK!!! Very unusual for epoxies. If you have any project of any size and need an epoxy, go for this one. The price tag of $9.99 renders it an inexpensive, fruitful investment.