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Most Realistic Racing Simulator For The Ps2

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To start off, I have to say that this is the most realistic game I have ever played. The graphics, sounds, and game play are all amazing.

First, let me talk about the graphics. Each track and car in the game is designed with incredible detail. The cars look exactly like the real car they are based on. Even the headlights have near-perfect detail. The tracks are simply amazing, with real curves, track barriers, semi-3D crowds in the rally tracks, and more. As with any PlayStation 2 game, however, the graphics are limited at some point by the game system. So the occasional jagged diagonal line is still noticeable. However, the creators took this game all the way to the limits to bring you the highest possible realism.

The sounds are great too. Every car has a unique engine sound that changes as upgrades are bought and the engine is modified, etc. You can hear wheels sliding on the pavement, the rev of the engine, and even the flame that shoots out from the exhaust pipe on a high power car.

The game play, like the graphics and sounds, is very realistic. Cars handle jut like they might in real life. You get the ability to use the gas, brake, handbrake, and steering to control the car exactly how you want. Upgrades and adjustments to your car change the way the car feels and handles. On dirt, your car slows and the wheels spin when it doesn’t get enough traction.

The menus are beautiful too. Navigation is quite easy. On the main menu, you see a bunch of items arranged in a sort of grid. You can go to different countries to buy different brands of cars. You can go to a couple of used car dealers. There are different types of races to choose from. In addition, there are things like the Photo Shoot where you can take pictures of your cars, and even save them to a flash drive!

The single player mode is called Gran Turismo Mode. However, you can also go to Arcade Mode to play with a friend.

This is a very impressive game. If you like racing and you own a PS2, this is a great game to get. It runs about 15 – 17 dollars at GameStop now, I believe.