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Most Women Have It, But We Don't Talk About It.

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Most of us women have it, and we care not to discuss it with anyone. Sometimes it comes from heridity, others from pregnancy, whatever the case may be, it's that unwanted body hair, on the upper lip, chin, bikini area, and some even the tummy during pregnancy.

My hair is blonde therefore it's not really noticable on me when other look at me but I notice that little hair on the upper lip, you can get self contious of it, but I found something that works great and is not a real expensive.

Sally Hanson face and bikini wax strips, I know alot are sayin OUCH! but trust me when I say, it is not painful, it's quick, easy, no messy creams, no smell what so ever, no hot wax to get burnt with, and it's effective, when I do my upper lip it last about 3 weeks. The strips in this box come precut, to the size for your upper lip/brow, some are sized for the chin and larger ones for the bikini area, and when I run out of the smaller size it's just so easy to cut the larger ones to the size you need, and one box last a very long time.