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Motel 6 New And Improved

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Kimber Watson By Kimber Watson on
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If someone would have told me five years ago that, I would not be staying at the Sheridan Inn and I was going to the Motel 6 I would have turned my nose up in the air. I was a complete snob when it came to where I was going and where I was staying. The clothes I wore were from high-end stores. Five years ago, I did not think I would be buying clothes from Wal-Mart let alone staying a Motel 6.

On our recent trip to California we stayed at five different Motel 6's, I am not the snob I was five years ago and I can honestly say that I highly recommend the Motel 6. The only down side was that they did not have coffee or food, although they had snack machines and soda machines, They were also all located near some place to eat, they had Wi-Fi in all but one place which was great for me and it would be great for a business person who is traveling. The rooms were kept very clean and nice I was so surprised as a smoker I usually do not like staying in smoking rooms do to the stale smoke smell, at the Motel 6 the rooms did not have that smell. Not only where the rooms clean and with out the stale smell of smoke they where very nicely decorated and the beds where so comfortable. As a person with multiple disabilities the room had all the amenities I needed so I was very comfortable. Normally when my husband and I are on a trip we have a horrible time sleeping any where we go, so when we where at the motel 6 it was the first time we slept a good night sleep in a Hotel or Motel.

I was also over joyed with the Motel chain because they are very pet friendly, we have 3 rather large dogs and 2 cats all of which traveled with us. The Motel 6 did not charge a deposit fee for the animals which was great. When you travel with that many animals is usually difficult . The Motel was accommodating to our needs and very open to us having all our animals and made it so our animals where very comfortable, which was a nice change. Our animals where so good that most people who saw us in the mornings or evenings taking them for a walk where surprised that they did not hear them in our room. The motel was pleasantly surprised that our animals where so well-behaved.

For anyone one traveling across country I highly recommend the Motel 6, if you are traveling with your animals that is even better since most place do not allow animals these days and if they do they charge you a fee for each animal.

I hope that whoever reads this will enjoy the review and try to use the Motel chain it was a wonderful experience.