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Richard Simmons Sweatin' To The Oldies is inspirational, no matter what age you are. Can you believe he's celebrating 20 years in motivating others to exercise?

I came across Richard Simmons introducing his 7 piece DVD exercise set on QVC, a few weeks ago. I had purchased his original VHS Sweatin' To The Oldies almost 20 years ago, but the VHS tape has since disappeared. So when I saw him with a 7 piece DVD set for only $39.96, that's only less than $6 per DVD, I just had to jump on it. He is a very motivational person and has a huge carrying heart for anyone struggling to lose weight. After all, he was in that position many years ago and has kept it off - what better testimony than that? At the time I purchased this set, QVC had the payment plan offered, so it was an even sweeter deal. But for around $40, you get the whole shabang and play whichever DVD you wish because there are lots of great songs to also help motivate you - of course, along with Richard himself.

There are more than 60 songs in this whole set.

As most of us know, we can become easily sedentary with today's technology. Our tvs have remotes, as do many computers, you sit at our computers for hours on end and work or take care of the kids and family during our days too. But you can also take 40 minutes or so out of that day to take care of yourself (me included). At first, the routines can make you winded and you may feel like you can't do it, but hang in there, because it's like that with every exercise program or anything that's new to us. But I highly recommend this whole DVD sest and also became a fan of Richard's Facebook page. He sends out motivational tips during the week and it reminds me to keep going on that exercise.

I, for one, know that when I became a mother, that I stopped my exercise routines and have allowed other things to fill that time. But now that our son is 22 and has since moved out, I no longer have an excuse.

So check out his new package of DVDs and here's to taking that time for YOU and feeling better than you have in years.

Disclaimer: As with any exercise program, consult your physician first.