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Moto Q Not All It's Cracked Up To Be

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Rebecca Mastey By Rebecca Mastey on
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When I was shopping for a business phone, I wanted a 'smart phone'. So, when I was presented with the Q, I though, great. Motorola's durable and reliable, and the keyboard was nice and big. It had stereo bluetooth, so I could listen to my tunes while I worked. It had high speed internet, so getting stuff done online wouldn't be a problem. And the huge screen - that would be GREAT the the GPS applications that I use while driving.

Oh, boy, was I wrong.

The stereo bluetooth is a disgraceful sham. It barely works, and it staticy if the phone is even just sitting on the table next to you. Playing music on the phone while using it made it slow and barely functiona, and it constantly skipped and stuttered.

Then there was the keyboard. The keys seemed nice enough in the store, but get it home and try to really use it, ugh! Pushing one button would trigger another. Typing eMails on it was impossible.

As if it would have mattered if I could type a message. The internet was so darn slow I couldn't open the home page. I figured it was an easy fix, and I would download the Opera Mini application that I had used with all my other phones. No dice. Apparently Windows based Smart Phones aren't compatible with, well, anything.

Which leads us to the GPS. I was told to purchase an additional product to attatch to the phone to utilize GPS. As if paying $300 for a phone wasn't enough, they wanted another $150 so I could use the navigation system.

No thanks. The phone wasn't that great. I returned it, and don't suggest that anyone buy it.