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Moto Razr V3

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There's really not much to say about this phone model that has not already been said. It's an old flip phone model from Motorola and has spurned other deviations. It must be one of the basic colored cellphones but it is the very first of its slim design. It can get bulky with its length if you're not used to it. More so if you're not used to it's seemingly wafer thin size once it's opened up. I always have the fear that I might break it if I get too excited from texting something. The camera isnt really that high tech but it does the job of capturing photos for unexpected moments.

The things that I like about it is that it's very easy to use. Everything is easy to find. There's no need to go into folders or "subtopics" just to get to what you wanted to see. I also like that it has an external display. I wouldnt have to open it up just to see the time or if there's a message in case I set it into silent mode without vibration.

What I dont like about it is the battery life. It would easily drain out even if it's just on standby, you didnt call anyone or you didnt text that much. Of course I have to take into consideration that it's 4 years old. That does have a bearing on its battery. I really do not like the fact that it doesnt have a memory card. I like to take pictures a lot but I have to restrain myself cause the phone can only hold so much.

Overall it's a flip phone with a cool form and the most basic of features (includes bluetooth). Since it's an old model, one can get this at a very cheap price as compared to its expensive original price. I got it as a gift for my 16th birthday so I need not worry about the price for mine.^_^