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Moto Razr V3 Cell Phone

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Jenn Huffer By Jenn Huffer on
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I was recently in the market for a new cell phone and I ended up purchasing the MotoRazr V3 Cell Phone in Black and Silver. The MotoRazr V3 is very sleek and slinder. It easily fits into a pants pocket or pocket in a purse or bag. The outside screen is about 1 inch by 1 inch and very easy to read who is calling or the time Ect... The larger screen inside is also very clear and easy to read. The number pad is silver with a light blue back light. The numbers are easy to read and the buttons are large enough to press without using a finger nail as I sometimes have to do on smaller phones. There are buttons for IM and Emailing on the number pad as well so if you are in a hurry you do not have to search through a bunch of options to find these features. It also has a button for internet connection on the number pad as well.

The phone comes with three different themes already to decorate your screen or you can download other themes from your wireless provider with ease. I have downloaded ring tones and they arrive fast and are easy to install on the phone. There are also options to personalize your screen. You can personalize the two options available so that you can have the two apps that you are going to use the most at easy access. I have Instant messaging and the camera at my fingertips with only one button instead of thumbing through many apps to find them. Those are the two that I use the most often. Some of the tools avaible on the MotoRazr are Calculator, Calender, Voice Recording, Alarm Clock, Dialing Services, and IM. The MotoRazr also has BlueTooth capabilities. There is aslo an option to be notified when you receive emails to a certain email address. I have thisoption set to on on my phone because with web designing I like to know when I get an email to work on a web site. I have found that this option is finiky. Half the time I get an email and never get a notice to my phone.

The sound quality is excelent. I have not had any issues with fuzzy phone calls. Everyone comes through loud and clear. The camera is not the best in the world but then again it is just a camera on a phone. I didn't expect it to be perfect. I mainly only use the camera if I want to send a photo to someone and I do not have a computer or internet access available at the time.

If you want a basic phone that looks stylish and sleek then this phone would work in a pinch. I like it and it is one of the better phones I have used.

Update On Jun 12, 2009: Just an update on durability... My little dachshund knocked this phone out of my hands the other day and it took a nice hard tumble down the porches concrete steps and landed hard on the concrete sidwalk. I was in a panic of course. My new phone ruined already...Oh No! Not the case. It has a small scratch on one side of it, other then that it works perfectly fine. So I guess it is a bit more durable then I imagined.