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Motorola Droid X

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By robertmarmet1 on
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The newest addition to Verizon's Droid series is quite amazing. I bought it from Verizon extremely excited to receive it. The Droid X has many pros and cons to its hardware and design. The phone's processing power is impressive with a 1 GHz processor it runs android applications with no problem. The main problem with its design is the size, with a 4.3 inch screen it's great for media but a little awkward to hold and you kind of need a big pocket to fit it into. The 8 MP camera shooting 720p video is good quality, but the iPhone 4's 5 MP camera, also shooting 720p, is better because of its ability to transition to different levels of brightness and color more easily. The case of the phone is much more durable than the case of the iPhone 4 which ceases to work after dropping it from arm's height twice. Because of how clumsy I am, I drop it sometimes and the phone stands up well to the damage. The screen isn't capable of 720p video playback because of its screen resolution which is the same as the original Motorola Droid. The phone is great for developers because of the fact it runs Android 2.1 with an Android 2.2 update coming very soon. The Droid X does not have a front facing camera even though they are becoming very popular. The ever-expanding Android Market has thousands of apps that the Droid X is capable of running. The phone has slightly impaired battery life because it is driving a large 4.3 inch screen when the phone is in use. The phone is capable of outputting its display in 720p on a HDTV through HDMI. Sadly, the HDMI output cable is sold separately for about $15. The user-interface of the phone is a little confusing if you are new to the Android operating system.