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Motorola H680 Headset For Bluetooth

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Joan Young By Joan Young on
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This earpiece is made by Motorola and is Bluetooth enabled. Although it’s at the low end of those available my husband likes it.

Alltel synchronized the headset to his phone. Then all he had to do when he got home was charge it up.

If he is expecting a call he puts it on, turns it on, and is ready when the call comes in. A message appears on the phone that says something like “device hooked in” to let you know that it is paired with the phone. He hasn’t tried putting it on after the phone starts ringing. If you answer the phone and want to switch to the headset you need to tell the other person you are doing so, because there will be a short lag where the call is being handed off to the headset.

If you want to make a call out you just put it on, turn it on, and then open the phone and dial your call.

Hubby says the earpiece doesn’t fit as well as a more expensive one would. I tried it on and it’s annoying, but I don’t like or use any of these earbud things, so I really don’t have anything to compare it to. He feels that the clarity is better than good, but probably not excellent. For him, he hates putting a call on speaker so that he can use his hands, so he’s really happy with it.

He says that because we have two of the same Motorola phones that it could be synched to work with both phones, and then I could use it too. I might agree to do this, because it is certain that cell phones are just impossible to hold and type or look for something in a file or anything else!

It has a small case/cover that it is stored in. That is also its charging cradle. There is a detachable cord that goes from the case to a transformer and plug to charge it.

You can change the earhook to fit either ear. It has a call button and the volume controls are on the top.

He has worn it for a couple of hours and thought that the charge was getting low. He’s sure it wouldn’t last all day.

We aren’t very savvy users of this yet, but this was an inexpensive way to break into this level of technology.