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Motorola L7 Pink Slvr

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Tonya Carlson By Tonya Carlson on
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I purchased this phone about a year ago and I have had nothing but problems with it. After just a few months I noticed where my phone would just drop my calls for no reason. Or so I thought, the battery was not holding the charge. So, I called Cingular and asked them what I needed to do because as far as I was concerned my phone was still under warranty. Warranty right, what warranty, they proceed to tell me that I can send my phone back and if they find nothing wrong with it then they were going to charge me $50 dollars. And send me back my same phone. When I didn't agree to that the operator told me that I could take it to my local store and they could test it and be able to tell if it was the battery.

So, I was out one day and thought I would just stop in and have it checked the man was rude he treated me like I didn't know what I was talking about. Long story short I finally went to another store they tested it and said that it was the battery so they called cingular and confirmed all of this and after about 30 minutes I had a new battery.

I went on thinking that my phone was fine, boy was I wrong!!! The phone started acting up it wouldn't let me call out, recieve calls and the screen would do some funky stuff. So I did the same thing called cingular and they said that it was needing a update so they did that and once again I thought everything was fine. But oh NO! the phone started doing the same thing. I ran it by my local store and they did the usual looking at it and hearing my story finally the guy next to me had the same phone and said that it was doing the same thing and they told him it was the SIM card. I proceeded to tell cingular this and they were not willing to replace it. After several days I finally just decided to take my chances and send in the phone. I did and received I found out not a new phone but a refurbished phone.

I am not happy with this phone at all it still has some of the same problems and in order for me to change phones I have to upgrade my service and extend it all at the same time plus purchase the new phone because there are NO AVAILABLE free ones.

I do not recommend this phone and if you have it I am sorry!!!