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Motorola Razor V3 M From Verizon

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Arplix Franklin By Arplix Franklin on
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I have a Motorola Razor V3M by Verizon. I got it as a free phone (I know that should tell you right there it's nothing special) it was a bit newer then the one I had and smaller. As soon as I took it out of the box it was a problem because it told my memory was full whenever I tried to text message and then I couldn't get calls. After calling Verizon and telling them the man told me "Several people call with this problem. Just do this (gives instructions) and it should be fine." So I did that and everyone was fine but right out of the box I felt a bit ripped off. Then come to find out I had to hack it to put ringtones on it because Verizon made it impossible to get your own tones unless you bought them from the verizon store. Also to customize my phone with display picture I cannot remove the clock on my front screen like I can my LG so my picture is obstructed. I know it's not a big thing but Verizon is ripping people off by locking up their phones. So I had to go into the phone files and put the ringtones I wanted on there which was a success and I just added 3 more that I wanted they play on my phone but I can't set them as anything >:( It goes into this loop I select the ring tone I want and instead of saying "Tone set" it just takes me back to choose a tone. It's aggrivating! Now if it breaks I cannot get a new one because I hacked it. Not that I would want one anyway because I kept my LG I was smart. I don't know about other Razors but the V3M is no good.