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Motorola Razr

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By delta on
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I used to have AT&T and when Cingular bought the mobile division (before going back to AT&T nomenclature), they "forced" an upgrade. Anyways I used to have a nokia brick phone which got great reception, had awesome battery life, and was invincible (took it swimming accidently, dropped numerous times, etc).

The RAZR is definently small which is super nice as far as comfort while its in your pocket is concerned. However it means it has a flat keypad which makes dialing/typing by feel very difficult.

The battery is decent for its size and class, however, while I used to recharge my old phone every other week - even if I played games, this needs to be recharged at least weekly (and I rarely use it) and bairly lasts at all if I actually talk to people - and even sooner if i play a game.

While I've never tested its durability (who would), it doesn't have any scratches, but them I've babied it pretty well.

Reception is about par for other newer phones I've tried.

Sound quality is pretty bad, my first phone I RMA'd because of a buz, and this one its a lot more quite, but you can still hear a slight buz even with perfect reception, the speaker (for not holding it up to your ear) doesn't go loud enough and has terrible sound quality (my old phone didn't have this option so this may be normal).

And like most newer phones I've seen, the battery dies really fast when theres no service which really sucks - they really need some kind of power save mode when out of reception as I never remember to turn it off which means during ski season I have to recharge it almost daily as theres no reception in truckee most of the time.