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Motorola Razr Cell Phone

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By halcammom on
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Several months ago, my son dropped my old cell phone in the dog's water. Since I wanted a new phone anyway, I didn't even let the phone dry out to see if it would work. My husband has a Motorola Razr and since I like his, I decided I would get one too.

At the time, AT & T was offering this phone free for extending contracts or adding new lines. They seem to always be running a similar promotion. If not, the price of the Razr phones have decreased substantially over the last couple of years.

The Razr phone is offered in several colors, and since pink is my favorite color, I choose pink. Also, my husband has the silver Razr and I didn't want us to get our phone mixed up. This flip phone is very slim so it fits nicely in a pocket. There is a screen on the outside too so you don't have to open the phone up if the phone is ringing to see who is calling.

One of my favorite features of this phone is the alarm clock. Since I bought this phone, I have not set a traditional alarm clock. The alarm clock has never failed on me. I can also set up to 3 alarms on this phone at one time. My husband gets little sleep at times so he likes to set both my phone and his phone to alarms. Since I can set multiple alarms, he doesn't have to worry about resetting my alarm for me like on a traditional alarm (I can set both before going to bed). Also, to turn the alarm off, I have to press a specific button. Searching for that button wakes me up enough that I won't set the phone down and go back to sleep. However, if I am sleepy, I can open and close the phone and the snooze of 8 minutes will turn on. The alarm will also work if the phone is set to silent. That is nice incase I don't want the phone to ring if someone calls, but yet I know the alarm will go off.

Another feature I like is the ability to set specific rings to specific people. There is also a nice shortcut menu and a camera and video camera that I use occasionally. There are many other features, such as internet, but I don't use those. The basic features are fine with me!

I am really happy with my phone. I know it has been out a while, but I'm not one to need the latest and greatest phone. I don't rush out every time they have a great new phone. The Razr fits my needs and until this one is dropped in the water or thrown away like one was by my daughter, I will use this phone and be very satisified.