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Motorola Razr V3

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This little phone technically can do almost everything. It's a cell phone, a portable movie player, an MP3 player, a PDA, a digital camera and camcorder, and a portable gaming system. You can use it to get emails or surf the internet. You can customize everything from the background to the ring of incoming calls by caller. You can set real songs to be ring tones (and yes, you can make your own). You can go hands-free and use speakerphone or a headset, or a bluetooth device. You can use voice commands to dial for you as well.

The fact is, this phone does TOO much, and because it's a jack of all trades ... well, you know the saying.

While you can take pictures or movies on this camera, it's isn't very convenient to get them off your phone. Regularly, I have to shut my phone off, take out the battery, wait awhile, put the battery back in and power back up in order to take/send pictures or take video. My husband had to replace his phone due to a similar problem.

You have the option of getting email on your phone, surfing the internet and texting people using the RAZR V3. Imo, it's a very tedious and bumbled process. I can't imagine using this model for the internet for anything but a rare emergency. The wait time is atrocious, it's laggy and very easy to hit the wrong links on the screen.

This phone is both voice command and bluetooth capable, but neither are reliable. Voice command more so than bluetooth. The speakerphone works well.

I like that there is no antenna to break, or that it's small/sleek enough to fit in my front pocket. I like that I can answer a call by flipping the phone open, or cancel a call by shutting it. I also like that I can - and have - used the phone as a small flash light by opening it in the dark and using light from the inside screen. Another thing I'm very fond of is the customizability (that is a real word :p).

Using your computer, and a mini-SD card, you can make your own ringtones, upload whole movies, songs and more to your RAZR V3. You really don't have a reason to buy all that junk from your phone provider because you'll save money doing it on your own.

In short, if you're in the market for a portable entertainment device, and you don't need much by way of surfing or texting, this might be a good phone for you. You might find better options on the market however that aren't too far away in price. As for me, I'm in the market for a new model.