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Motorola V635

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By shiangsta on
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the Motorola V635 was one of the premium Phones offered by Rogers - the number one wireless provider in Canada. For a whopping 2 year contract, I got this phone for 200 bucks. Yes I was young and naive. What can I say, I guess you learn through your mistakes.

As you can already guess, I am not a big fan. For the two years I used this phone, all I can say is, I am glad i've moved on. I will try and be objective. Start with some of the things I liked about my dysfunctional relationship my ex-cellphone. Just like any relationship, it started off being glorious. I was getting myself a top of the line 10/10 cellphone, with all the right features: 1.3mp camera for takin pictures of unsuspecting hotties, mp3 player with a 512mb of transflash memory with built in speakers for pumpin out MAD beats, flip-style architecture to give me that extra bit of metrosexuality that everyone was going for. I felt like the man... that is until I got to really know the phone.

The phone is very unstable, you can say it was a little crazy. It crashed CONSTANTLY. Everytime it does, I'd have to open the back and take out the battery. Also, the phone dropped on the floor CONSTANTLY! Okay, that may not be the phone's fault, but somehow everytime it dropped, it managed to unsheath its battery from it shell so i'd have to put it back in and boot it up all over again. It's as if it was trying to punish me for dropping it. The most annoying thing about this phone is, once the battery is low, it starts beeping, INCESSANTLY. "BEEP BEEP BEEP..." "WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO?? I'M NOT HOME YET! I'LL CHARGE YOU WHEN I GET HOME FROM CLASS! WON'T YOU JUST SHUT THE..." that's about the point where you realize you're yelling at a cellphone in the middle of your lecture.

The MP3 player is VERY BUGGY. Songs would stop playing for no reason and you'd have to restart the program. The funny thing is, the biggest problem with the MP3 player is not in the player itself, but my lack of opportunities to use it because of the INCREDIBLY slow file transfer that prohibits me from taking the effort to load songs. every song took me half an hour to load into the phone even with blue tooth. So much for a 512mb of transflash. I used all of 30 mb before I cancelled my music transfer.

the same issues also apply for the camera phone, after I got the phobia for PCtoPhone file transfer, I did not even bother trying out PhonetoPC. I took some pictures, sure, but they remained onmy phone for all of the pictures existence.

I am sorry... what happened to being objective... Okay, so the phone served the purposes that a phone normally should. It made sounds when people called, it let me talk into it, it vibrated when I put it on vibrate mode so and so forth. However, a 2 year contract and 200 dollars for that... you have gotta be OUT OF YOUR MIND (I was out of my mind for sure)!

So in concluson, terrible phone, don't ever get it. I am with Sony Ericsson now and I've found the love of my life.