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Motorola W370

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andronici By andronici on
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The Motorola W370 is a small, sleek cell phone for the prepaid market. Offering a thin and smooth body, this cell phone is intended to appeal to the Razr/Krazr fan group

Upon first appearance, the W370 appears to be a Krazr, minus an external screen. The body is long and thin, and has a flat, uniform keypad that lays flush with the body of the phone. There is no external antenna, and the hinges are distinctly rounded.

While the W370 may be similar to the Krazr visually, it differs quite a bit. This cell phone falls into the low end category of cell phones, offering minimalist features for a fairly cheap price.

The W370 lacks an external screen. In place of it is a smooth black strip. It has three different images that glow from below the black strip, and they appear with different actions: incoming call, message, or text.

The inside is visually similar to the Razr and Krazr. The key pad is smooth and flush with the body. However, the keys are made of plastic instead of metal, and aren't as comfortable to push. The backlight is strong and effectively lights the keypad. The color is a solid blue.

The screen is bright and has a vivid display. Pictures appear crisp, as do screensavers and other animations. The colors can be adjusted manually in the Settings menu, but the default configuration looks good.

The ringer is average. It is not horribly cheap, but it will not play songs at a high quality. Sound will be washed out. The ringer can go very loud, however, so hearing it will not be a problem. The phone also has a vibrate setting for situations that need it.

Reception is also average. At times it works wonderfully, but at other times, it simply detects no signal. Don't expect it to work inside deep basements or parking decks

Battery life is very good. This phone will last a week, more if it is used sparingly. The charger is mini usb, and plugs into a port on the side of the phone. The battery charges fast if the phone is off, and is usually complete in 2 hours.

Overall, the Motorola W370 is a very nice prepaid cell phone. It looks modern and stylish, but comes at a cheap price. The screen is bright and easy to see, and the build is solid and durable.