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Moulin Rouge The Show Must Go On!

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DetailsMoulin Rouge! was released in 2001 and was directed by Baz Luhrmann (also known for Romeo + Juliet, 1996 and Australia, 2008). It is classified as a musical-romantic drama and so, has a mixture of everything you could ever want from a good film! Moulin Rouge! won two Oscars, one for art direction and one for costume design and was nominated for eight. The film contains a number of 20th century adapted songs for example: Madonna's -Like a Virgin is used and adapted to be sung by a male!


Ewan Mcgregor plays a young writer, Christian, who obsessed by the Bohemian culture of 1899 and so moves to Monmartre Paris, in order to seek fame. Whilst living in Paris, Christian stumbles across three strange characters who are attempting to write a play for Harold Zidler (the owner of the Moulin rouge). Christian helps them to write a play named ‘Spectacular Spectacular'. Interestingly, the plot to 'Spectacular Spectacular' is parallel to the plot of Moulin Rouge! The star of ‘Spectacular Spectacular' will be Satine (Nicole Kidman), a courtesan at the Moulin Rouge. Satine, is to seduce the duke, in order to get fundings to prevent the Moulin rouge from being shut down but, by miscommunication ends up trying to seduce Christian, thinking he is the duke. Christian and Satine fall in love, but the duke is always right behind them watching their every move. Satine is very ill, with an unexplainable illness and Satine uses this as an excuse of why she cannot see the duke. Many unfortunate events follow, involving drama, romance, music and dancing! Is it possible for Satine and Christian to lead a loving life with each other, when it seems the world is against them?


The DVD itself has an excellent picture and sound quality. The running time of the film is 122 minutes. The special features include audio commentary from Baz (director), Catherine Martin, Don Mcalpine (director of photography) and Craig Pierce (writer). As well as extra ‘behind the scenes' information on the real Moulin Rouge. I think the special features are slightly disappointing, as it does not show any deleted scenes, deleted numbers, rehearsal footage or interviews. The film is classified as a 12 certificate due to sexual references.


The soundtrack of Moulin Rouge! was proved so popular, two editions were released. The first volume was released in 2001 and the second volume was released in 2002. Songs involved on the soundtrack cover a wide range of original artists including: Nat King Cole, Madonna, Nirvana, David Bowie, The Police, Queen, Elton John and many more!


I am in love with the film itself, the first time I watched it, I found it strange and didn't really understand it, but it grew on me with further viewings and is now my favourite film. Ewan Mcgregor's singing voice is incredible, I don't think I have ever heard another man with a voice like his. The storyline is gripping and tragic and really plays with your emotions, I also love the music. I think the film is more popular amongst females than males, as it is a musical and a romance, but there is no reason really why males cannot enjoy it too. The film shows great images of Paris and really gives a feel of the Bohemian revolution.


The film can be bought at all good media shops; I would recommend trying HMV, supermarkets or www.play.com. The current price listed at play.com is £5.00 with free postage and packaging, the soundtrack can be bought at £3.49 (price correct on 5.12.09).

I would give this film 5***** any day. Thank you for reading.

Hannah :)