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Mouse From 30 Feet Away!

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The most amazing thing about using a Bluetooth Mouse is the distance that you can be from your computer. The nominal operating distance is 33 feet, but in some cases you can be even further away. This does not have any particular practical applications for me, but it will amaze your friends.

This Interlink VP6151 mouse has a Symmetrical design, so it is not optimized for right or left hand operation (like the Microsoft Laser Mouse 6000 is). It is a nice size, not too tiny like some travel mice. I find it very comfortable. It is a precise optical mousewith two button operation plus a scroll wheel.

This mouse operates on two rechargeable AAA sized batteries. It recharges by connecting to your computer with a supplied USB cable. You can use the mouse while the cable is attached (should your batteries run down when you need to use it). When the USB cable is attached, the mouse is a little more awkward to use. Initial charging of the batteries takes about 8 hours. The scroll wheel glows a red color when the batteries are getting low or are charging. Alkaline batteries are not recommended for this mouse. There is an on-off switch on the bottom of the mouse, but it seems to go to sleep after a few minutes. An attractive velvet-like carrying pouch is included.

I have had my laptop with integrated Bluetooth for a little more than a year. I really wanted a Bluetooth mouse, but could not bring myself to pay their typical price of $45 to $70. Recently, I was in Fry's Electronics and saw this one for $30 plus a $15 rebate offer, for a net cost of $15 (plus tax and the cost of the stamp for the mail in only rebate). Note: This mouse does not come with a USB Bluetooth Dongle, it is for computers with integrated Bluetooth.

One possible drawback that I have read about but have not benchmarked: Since integrated Bluetooth is a receiver / transmitter it may cause you to need to recharge your laptop more frequently when operating on batteries.

This mouse is manufactured by ISO-9000 certified SMK-Electronics. It is RoHS compliant. It supports Vista, XP, and Mac operating systems.

I like using a mouse better than the trackpad, and I am so happy to be untethered!