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Movie Cars 2 (2011)

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By pandabear724 on
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The movie experience for the kids for Cars 2 should be amazing. Highly recommened to watch IMAX or 3D if the budget allows it, but overall the movie captures the attention of the audience. I got to enjoy the movie in IMAX and 3D and the kids seemed to love the showing of the movie. The 3D schematics for the movie was well done, not like other movies that just call it 3D without any real 3D effects. IMAX like always had amazing surround sounds and made the audience feel like they were actually apart of the movie.

The movie starts as any Pixar movie does and adds a Pixar's Shorts, this time its Toy's Story. From the beginning with this short, It captures the little ones and even the older audience like myself. Follows the story of Barbie and Kent and their wishful vacation to Hawaii, but getting left behind and having their dream vacation ruined... Or does it? Watch the movie to find out.

The movie, Cars 2, has a great centralized theme of animated cars racing, but there arer life lessons to be taught in this movie. The cliche, "Never Judge a book by its cover" was the central theme of the movie. However this centralized theme has been well knitted throughout the movie. Cars 2 picks up where the movie left off in Cars and follows the great friendship of the main character, Lightning McQueen and Mater in Radiator Springs off to an adventure to compete in a race that Mater has placed them into. Throughout the movie, Mater finds himself in situation where he causes trouble making Lightning McQueen to snap at him causing Mater to go away and Mater is mistaken for a spy car. The story unfolds to Mater going on secret spy missions with two new characters and they have to try to uncover the deceit behind the race that Lightning McQueen is taking part in.

Overall, I really enjoyed the movie and highly recommend Cars 2 viewing in theaters, its well worth the movie for the kids' enjoyment. It's a good sequel for Cars and Pixar franchise and Pixar has done very well with the animation and making the movie seem very real. The rating G perfect for the kids and its a good movie and not bad for parents to sit through the movie. The movie itself captures the viewers fairly well, you won't even know how fast time flies.