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Movie Review Of The Wrestler

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By Stephanie Grohol on
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The Wrestler was the new movie that brought Mickey Rourke back to making movies. Mickey Rourke was hot in the 80's but then he just dropped out of sight and nothing was heard from him again until this movie. I did not enjoy this movie. I will get that out in front now. I am not a fan of wrestling, but since it starred Mickey Rourke, I wanted to give this movie the benefit of doubt. There was too much violence and way too much graphic language. I know it was Rated R, but I thought it should have had a higher rating, whatever the rating is after R. There was also too much sexual content in this movie. I am not a prude by any means but this movie was too much for me. I had to force myself to finish watching. I wanted to see what happened to the character in this movie. Mickey Rourke was the only one redeeming quality in this movie.

The Wrestler was about a has been wrestler who kept trying to make it big again. He had no one in his life.he had a daughter, but she wanted nothing to do with him. He did have several friends, but none that gave a hoot about him outside of wrestling. He did have a lady friend that worked in a strip club but she was wary of him also. He ends up having a heart attack after a paticularly vicious fight and is told that he can never wrestle again. He tries to redeem himself but he ends up making a mess of his life. So he makes the decision to fight again in one of the most grueling matches ever. Not sure what happens to him at the end because when he makes his move to fall on top of the person that he wrestling against, you are not sure if he is about to die or what, since the screen goes dark. I am sorry but I cannot recommend this movie to those who have not seen it. If you have seen it and liked it, I apologize, but this movie was not something I would watch again.