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Movie Reviews...The Mist

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Tiffany Kerns By Tiffany Kerns on
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THE MIST....yet another Stephen King book adapted for the big screen. This one stars Thomas Jane, Marcia Gay Harden, and Andre Baugher. Wonderful actors, but overall not the best part for their careers. I realize that Stephen King is a great writer with an amazing knack for horror and suspense, but many of the films adapted from his books just do not do the stories justice and usually do not fair well in theatres.

This is yet another failed attempt. The basic story is that a town is surrounded by a mist with unknown origin and unknown "things" in the mist. The movie begins quite well, introducing the characters, adding some possible story. Then once the mist hits there is a giveaway of "what" is in the mist....tentacles, giant bugs, monsters????

At that point it becomes less of a horror film and more of a B movie. Overall I would say this is an average effort, and while it might scare young children, most adults are not as easily entertained. I am grateful I only rented this film and not spent the $8 bucks per person to watch it in theatres. I would say if you love Stephen King read the books, imagination is so much better.

If you cannot help yourself, rent the movie or wait until it hits cable or regular programming.