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Mozilla Firefox

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Rae Hall By Rae Hall on
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Mozilla Firefox is a great little browser. When I got a new computer they had preloaded it with Internet Explorer 7 which is not good in my opinion. So I downloaded Mozilla Firefox. It’s easy to use. Everything you need can be found easily. Mozilla Firefox allows for tabbed browsing. If there is something that they think will make Firefox better they build an addon for it. They are putting out add ons all the time to make Mozilla Firefox even better. Mozilla Firefox loads quickly. It’s more secure than most browsers. I have yet to get a browser hijacker and no malware has been able to get on my computer. Can you say any of these things about Internet Explorer? I have been using Firefox for about six months. The only problem I have had so far is one addon is not working correctly for me. Not a big problem as its nothing I really need. I was just going to try it out to see if it was a helpful feature.

Also Mozilla puts out a mail program called Thunderbird to go with their browser. Its available in a separate download.