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Mp3 Armband Jacket: Good Concept But...

Reviewing: Digital Lifestyle Outfitters (Dlo) Action Jacket  |  Rating:
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For Christmas, my husband got an iPod touch. I bought him an Action Jacket by Digital Lifestyle Outfitters (DLO) to keep it in for protection. The jacket seemed like a good idea at the time of purchase.

There is nothing wrong with the case itself. It fits the iTouch well and seems thick enough to protect it from dings or scratches, should it be jarred. The material covering the non-used parts of it is nice and almost feels suede-like. The plastic shield over the touch screen is clear and allows easy access and use of the touch screen.

All of that aside, the jacket is thick and the clip is bulky. You cannot use the case with a docking station and you must un-snap it to access the pins for USB hook-up. The power button is also very difficult to utilize while inserted.

The belt clip feels rather insecure when the jacket is assembled. Sure, it allows for rotation, but it does not give you a secure feeling it will hold the jacket in place without coming un-latched and dropping to the floor.

The Velcro strap seems like it would function properly. Using the jacket under this application feels more secure. The strap slips through a loop and holds tight. However, it may prove to be uncomfortable under extreme muscle contraction such as a vigorous workout.

For the price, I do not think the Digital Lifestyle Outfitter Action Jacket is worth it. The seams feel as if they may separate over time and the clip would not last at all.

Needless to say we took the DLO case back to the store.