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Mr Clean And Ooh What A Beauuutiful Smelling House

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I love most everything with Febreeze deoderizers in them, and Mr. Clean's products are no exception. I am going to review two of the Mr. Clean with Febreeze scents, the first one, Meadows and Rain. This one comes in a turquoise liquid, it was the first scent from this collection i had tried, and it is also the one that has turned me on to Mr. Clean. Before this i didnt care for their products, now i think i may be keeping them in business, lol.

I was doing some house cleaning and was using this cleaner for the first time, i loved how clean and fresh it smelled, not chemically, not ammonia like, and absolutely not bleachy, just clean and febreezy! I was finishing washing my floor, when i got a phone call to go into work, someone called in sick, this was at 10am, at 8pm i walked in the front door of my house, and i could smell the cleaner, it deoderized my house better than any air freshener!

The second scent i purchased is my favorite in the collection, and it must be everyone elses as well, it's always sold out! It is the Blossoms and Breeze scent, is a bright pink liquid. It has a soapy clean berry scent. I havent noticed if this one deoderizes my house like the Meadows and Rain does, but i actually enjoy cleaning when i use it, i cant get enough of the scent!

Both give a nice soapy foam when added to water, you really dont need alot to get the faom or the effects of the scents. Not for people who are sensitive to fragrance as these are a bit intense, you may need to add more water to dilute the fragrance.