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Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser Just How Far Will It's Magic Go?

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Carling Kalicak By Carling Kalicak on
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As a dog breeder, I usually don't do a deep cleaning of the house until the puppies have been weaned, vet checked and re-homed. Breeding is messy business, you mop and scrub at least twice per day so you can't blame a person for wanting to wait.

I am a subscriber to receive and test sample products, and one of the products I received was Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser.

I decided to save the eraser until after my current litter was gone, to really put it's abilities to the test. Having puppies from birth can get a little out of control, they don't know any better so the walls and seams of baseboards become caked and soaked with urine and poop. Surprise! So, this is the area I decided to wait and test their product on.

I wet the sponge, wrung it out and went to work. It did a pretty good job removing thin layers of filth but when it came to the hard crusted feces I was rinsing and re-soaking every few scrubs. It only took about twenty minutes before the sponge started to fall apart and look about as used up as a hot tub scum bug near the end of season, but I kept on using it. Once the deterioration process began the sponge went downhill from there. I rinsed and re-soaked a few more times and then noticed weird fibres were coming off the sponge in my hand. It kind of felt like a salt-jelly if there is such a thing, very fine, very jelly-like particles. That's when I gave up and tossed it out for eco-friendly disinfectant and "Ole Faithful". You know the one, the yellow sponge with the green scrubber, sigh.

I will admit the Magic Eraser is a good product. It does what it says it will do which is "clean with water alone, " but the question I keep asking myself is why would you want to? I mean really, for a quick clean-up okay sure but if you have dirt or feces for that matter on your walls or other surfaces, why would you want to use a product that just moves dirt around and not even kill the bacteria? Maybe for windows Mr. Clean's product would be great because I can see it leaving behind a streak-free shine but not for everyday household use. I wouldn't clean my counter, fixtures or appliances with it.

Would I recommend this product for a quick tidy-up? Sure. Do I think this product is as effective as it states? Yep. Is a Magic Eraser sponge something that you'd get more than one use out of? Not likely.

Overall a decent product that is definitely not suitable for poopy, puppy messes.