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Mr. Clean's Magic Erasers

Reviewing: Mr. Clean Magic Eraser 4 Pack  |  Rating:
By matildathehun on
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Mr. Clean’s Magic Erasers were a bunch of hype, or so I thought. How can a little sponge magically erase dirt and stains that easily without soap? But, to my surprise, they actually work very well- even if they don’t last very well.

I have to say that the Mr. Clean Magic Erasers more then exceeded my expectations. They don’t contain any heavy cleaners or anything. They’re just little white sponges the size of a chalkboard eraser. Somehow, with their texture, a little water is all they need to get the job done. My Magic Erasers have gotten up bathtub grime, hard counter stains, and even the scuff marks my boyfriend’s guitar case leaves on the walls. Having a box handy when you’re doing a big cleaning day is great, because they can handle so many different things and work so well. They literally just absorb dirt, leaving a shiny clean surface.

Of course, they also leave a dirty, ugly used up eraser. They don’t last long, either. After about half an hour of heavy cleaning, they will shrink to about a fourth of their size. Also, little bits fall off as you clean, meaning you will have to give the area you are cleaning a second go-over to pick up eraser bits. But it’s still a very effective product and it works very well.

It’s hard to enthusiastically endorse this product over a scouring pad. It is much easier on your hands, which is nice. Overall, this product does exactly what it says it’s going to do and it does it very well.