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Msn Messenger Keep In Touch Dont Become An Addict

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Msn messenger is an instant messaging service which allows you to connect to people around the world. With over 27 million users world wide it is an instant hit and growing in popularity by the minute.

How to use it?

Msn messenger is easy to use. Firstly all you need to have is an e-mail address from hotmail. If you haven't got one then you can sign up on www.hotmail.com whereby it will take you through a process of simple steps which needs to be complete in order to make the e-mail address. Once the e-mail address is made you can then download Msn messenger, just type it in Google and you'll find it. It only takes a few minutes to download. Once Downloaded You open the application whereby you type in your e-mail address and password when required to do so. Now with your e-mail address you are able to add contacts like family, friends, work friends etc and its as simple as that allowing you to chat to added contacts as of when they appear online.

Advantages of Msn Messenger

* You can instantly keep in contact - with friends, family or anyone you

might know by simply adding their e-mail address.

* You can send files- i.e. work documents and pictures which i find very

useful especially for college work.

* Chatting is instantly displayed on the screen - You don't have to wait a

minute longer as of when the message is sent.

* Display status - You can display your current status for example if your

busy doing work you can changes status to busy, away, appearing offline,

gone for lunch or be right back.

* Display screen name and personal message - This way you can show your

identity in the screen name and personal message as a way of displaying

a memorable quote, something interesting or literally anything you want.

* Text - colour, font size, italics, bold can all be used as of how the users

wants it to be.

* Emoticons - Emoticons such as a happy face :), a sad face :( and over 30

more can be used to display feelings.

* Web cam - This can be used to visibly see who you are chatting to.

* E-mail - You can display your e-mails which is display as a little icon near

the top of the screen, making it easy and convenient to access.

Disadvantages of Msn Messenger

* Memory usage - Msn uses quite a bit of computer memory, meaning that

there can be an increase in computer crashes which i find do occur now

and then.

* Spend too much time - Sometimes i spend too much time on it, when i

should really be doing my work.

* Personal information - If shared out by individuals it can cause a lot of


* Viruses - I my self have had viruses from Msn unknowingly. But please be

aware as of when a person sends you lots of files and odd messages it

is likely to be a virus so dont accept the file for your own good.


Overall I find Msn messenger a useful way of keeping touch with family and friends instantly without having to wait as of when they have replied and it is the single most biggest reason as to why i love it. For important reasons such as sending/receiving work related documents it is an essential piece of software for me as with out it i dont know how i would have got through some of my college work. Msn is fun in a way and its simple to use but after a few hours you can get bored and addicted, which may result in you using it too much in the long run. I my self must confess that i use Msn messenger as an excuse by pretending to do my work but really i be chatting a long to my mates on it. Overall There are good and bad points to Msn but I believe everyone should give it a try once as instant messaging makes it ever so useful. Balance is also important as you shouldn't stay on Msn too long otherwise you might find yourself an addict a bit like me.

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