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Muddy Waters: 'The Essential Collection'

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David Nesteby By David Nesteby on
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This is something new for me. I have never reviewed an artist such as Muddy Waters for report. This is a collection of great stuff. The first title hooked me from the start.

‘Got My Mojo Workin' sounds a little like Elvis. It is a juicy little rock song, if that's what you would call this jazzy, blues-ish, electric style . this was recorded in 1956

‘Long Distance Call' is a southern sound for sure. A soft electric guitar and plenty of harmonica fill this hit. This one was released through BMI/ Watertoons Music in 1951. I like it.

‘Close To You ', is another Elvis tainted song. This guy must be the colored version of the "King". The song is a great hit, followed by the slow soft jazz of this next one, ‘I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man'. I can hear the influence that this man had on 60's, 70's And 80's Rock-N-Roll. The greats always set the best examples, as is this song. This is one hell of a trick.

‘She Moves Me', is my days dedication to my wife whom I love to share music with. This title says it all, with harmonica, electric guitar, and slow, rhythmic blue sound. It is a song of great magnitude, as the lyrics here are very powerful. I love this stuff.

The #6 song on this collection, is the one I have, always loved, and is a radio hit of all the years past. 'Baby Please Don't Go', is that one that you can't forget. Many bands since, have remade this one. This was from 1953.

The 7th title is also a past memory of mine. ‘Mad Love (I Want You To Love Me)', is very similar to the last fantastic piece. This Era of music had it's favorites.

The #8 title, ‘I'm Ready', is a Jerry lee Lewis like piece that give off good vibes, I love the dance beat to this Twisting song. If a harmonica could be considered a rocking instrument, then this is the song it is utilized in.

The piano opens the next hit from the distant past, in a radio favorite ‘I Love The Life I Live. I Live The Life I Love' . It has some awesome harmonica for sure. A slow bass, slight drums, and a dash of piano make this a classic relaxer.

The 11th title, 'She's All Right', has also been redone by many bands. A slow rhythmic tune with powerful lyrics and a strong spirit.

On the list at #12, ‘Manish Boy' was a popular hit from 1956. This style of his obviously hit greater heights, as displayed in the nice song. It is a little faster paced than most of his other stuff. It's a bass picker.

‘Young Fashioned Ways', ‘I Want To Be Loved', and Louisiana Blues' are the next three exciting tracks on this fantastic collection. I love Rock-n-Roll, and especially the roots of Rock-N-Roll. These titles remind me somewhat of every era.

The #16 hit, ‘Forty Days And Forty Nights', bangs the stereo around with such a slick harmonica, blue sounding guitar, and what sounds like a Bass. I could be wrong.

‘Rollin' Stone ', is every ones favorite. If you haven't heard this awesome southern blue song, then you haven't heard electric southern blues. This deep soul song is the best so far.

‘Stuff You Gotta' Watch', ‘Garbage Man', and ‘Can't Get No Grindin', are the final blasts from the past included here.

The collection, is a very well compiled list of classics, and the sound quality is excellent. This treasure is a keeper. The 50's had one hell of a Playa'