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Mulan Ii

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By mizdiz on
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Mulan is no longer fighting in the army. She is home and she and Shang get enganged.

I liked this movie, but not as much as the original Mulan. In this movie, again it is refreshing to see Mulan as a hero. But most of the movie is about Mulan being engaged to Shang. I do like the relationship it shows between Mulan and Shang. Mushu does things to make them argue and it makes me laugh because it reminds me of some of the arguments I have had with my husband. She has a strong opinion that the princesses should not marry due to an arranged marriage and he believes that it is his duty to deliver them to the wedding since the King ordered it. Mushu kind of steals the movie and it seems to be more about him and his feelings because he wants to stop Mulan from marrying Shang. If they marry, he will no longer be her guardian. Mushu is not as funny in this one as he was in Mulan.

The music seemed very familiar and my husband agreed that he thought most of the music was from Mulan, but with the words changed. I thought Lucy Liu and Sandra Oh did a great job. I love the Mulan character because she is a good example for little girls. I believe she is a good example because she is very brave and strong willed. She knows what she wants and she has strong beliefs and knows she can do whatever boys can do. I also liked the scene where the 3 soldiers helping Shang and Mulan with the girls are reprimanded and not allowed to talk to the princesses after they were caught going out on the town with them. The men circumvent this by saying, "If I were talking to you, and I'm not, I would say...." I think it is funny because it reminds me of kids getting around their punishment that their parents gave them.