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Multi Grip Exercise Gloves

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I have been lifting weights for many years now. I never used to wear gloves because I always thought people who wore gloves were just trying to show off..."look at me. I'm wearing lifting gloves so I look manly and tough." Well, I now know I was wrong...lifting gloves are really great!

I was lifting one day and my hands started to get sore and tore up from the bars. I didn't have gloves, but my hubby did. I put his on and instantly fell in love with them. These Multi Grips are men's gloves, but they work great for me too.


Fit- Even though these are men's sized gloves, they have 2 velcro straps on the back side of them that makes them able to fit my hands just right. The one at the wrist gets small enough to prevent them from sliding on my hands, but not too tight that it hinders my range of motion.

Support- When you put gloves (or any type of equipment) on while being active, it gives you a psychological feeling of extra ability. These gloved not only provide physical benefits, but mental as well. Once I have them on I feel like all the pressure is taken off of my hands and I can do more reps than without them.

Style- The fingers of these gloves are open-ended. This makes it possible to grip the weights on the floor and change them without having to take the gloves off and on. Also, if you keep track of your workout on paper, it makes it easy to write.

The gloves are made of flexible leather and tough nylon. The padding in the palms of the gloves is just enough to ease the feelings on the hands and distribute the weight across the palms, but not hinder my grip.


The only this I could say about this is that if you like tight fitting, thin gloves, these are not for you. These gloves are made more for protecting your hands while lifting bars with etched grips.