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Multi Surface Dusters Only Spreads The Dust

Reviewing: Sc Johnson Pledge Multi Surface Duster 360 Fluffy All Around  |  Rating:
By lizzylou on
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Every woman knows that there is dust everywhere in their homes. No matter how clean you are, there will always be dust. I don't like dust for various reasons, allergies, makes your home look unclean, and seeing your child write their name on your table..ha.

I, for one, hate dust, and I dust every single day. The first duster cloths that came along was a single duster cloth with a handle. It only dusted one way. I used it every time I dusted until one day our lights went out because of a thunderstorm. I was using my flashlight to dust and each time I wiped with that duster, I seen all the dust floating around that my duster was suppose to be catching. Boy, was I disappointed! All that duster did was spread the dust to other locations.

Then, the Johnson family came out with a new duster, called the Pledge Multi Surface Duster. It has the duster cloth on both sides of the handle. With this new duster, I could dust with one side then turn it over and dust with the other side. This cloth was much softer that the previous one and thought it would really do the job of getting all the dust. So, I opened the package and immediately went to dusting. It really seemed to be picking up more dust. So, I thought I would put it to the "flashlight" test. I was so disappointed. It was doing the exact same thing as the original duster. When I dusted, you could see the dust floating back to the table I was dusting and also floating to the floor.

Needless to say, I love the product for what it is suppose to do, but hate the product because it does not do what it states it will do. It gives an easy way to dust, but when you dust with one of these, you are wasting your time dusting. You'll only have to go back and re-dust later.

Don't throw yours out, because I found a better way to use the dusters and my methods work great! This method will be in my next review of a absouletly great product that I won't be without!