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Mummy, Is It Halloween Yet??

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Always looking for new decorating ideas, I saw this mummy wrapped white foam pumpkin at Michaels. He was so cute wrapped up in his layers of mummy cloth with two squiggly eyes peeping out. I knew I'd be making at least one for Halloween!

RIGID WRAP Plaster Cloth was all it took plus a foam pumpkin in any size that you like. Rigid Wrap is a plaster cloth that comes in a roll 4 inches wide and 180 inches long. It is fast drying, non-toxic and is microwavable. It can take any shape and cover any form. You can paint or spray a finish on when the plaster cloth has dried.

I found this Rigid Wrap very, very easy to work with, although a bit messy. Make sure to cover any area you are working on. When cutting the cloth you will have plaster dust all over as you do need to cut various length strips. All you need to create your pumpkin mummy is to dip each strip of the Rigid Wrap in lukewarm water and start layering it onto the pumpkin in whatever direction you want and smooth it down. You can overlap the edges and make multiple layers if you like. The more layers, the longer it takes to dry though.

It took hardly anytime to get my large pumpkin covered. The Rigid Wrap sets in about 20 minutes and can be dried in the microwave or the oven at 200 deg. As I wasn't sure how the foam pumpkin would hold up in either, I opted to let the pumpkin dry on its own by a heat vent on the floor.

After drying, I added a little bit of aging with some craft paint, added the eyes and I had my MUMMY!!

Word of caution: Rigid Wrap contains plaster so make sure to wash your hands really well when you are finished. Please remove any rings or you will have plaster in every crevice, believe me! Next time I will wear a thin pair of gloves. Also, the wet plaster will dry on anything it comes in contact with so make sure your entire work area is well covered. Also, wear an old t-shirt, mine has dried plaster on the front (and I thought I was so careful). Lastly, make sure and read all the directions and do not throw the leftover water down the drain as it has plaster residue in it.

Rigid Wrap was fun and easy to work with and could have unlimited uses for the crafter in all of us.