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Murder Can Botch Up Your Birthday By Selma Eichler

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I just finished another Desiree Shapiro mystery novel written by Selma Eichler. As with all of her other books, Selma Eichler has again kept me entertained with this story as well.

Desiree Shapiro is a private investigator working out of New York City. In this novel, she is hired by sixteen-year-old Vicky to clear her father's name. Victor Pirelli was arrested for the murder of his mistress, Christina, but Vicky doesn't believe that her father did it. Unfortunately, Victor has recently died in prison, but on his deathbed he told Vicky a few things that make her believe he did not commit the crime. Vicky now wants to prove to her family that her dad was not guilty. Desiree at first thinks she would have to be crazy to take on this case, but then she decides to do it simply because she wants to help Vicky. Desiree has no problem coming up with suspects, but she does have a hard time getting hard evidence as to who actually did the killing. She isn't even certain that it wasn't Victor himself.

Murder Can Botch Up Your Birthday kept me entertained, as have all of Selma Eichler's novels so far. I enjoy easy, lighthearted mysteries of this type, and Desiree Shapiro is a very likable heroine (at least for me). I am usually kept guessing as to who actually committed the crime.

If you like a cozy book that will entertain, Murder Can Botch Up Your Birthday will come through for you.