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Murder Can Cool Off Your Affair By Selma Eichler

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I have read a number of Selma Eichler's novels, and so far I have really gotten a kick out of every one. They are lighthearted little mysteries which sometimes consist of a twist at the end. Selma Eichler's heroine is private investigator, Desiree Shapiro, who does business out of New York City. I find her to be a very likable heroine.

In Murder Can Cool Off Your Affair, Desiree is hired by John to find out who is making attempts on his life. John's Uncle Victor has named him, as well as some other relatives, in his will, and it seems that someone wants to get a few of the heirs out of the way before Uncle Victor breathes his last. Edward, one of Uncle Victor's heirs and favorite nephew, has been shot to death. John is now next in line to inherit and is afraid for his life. So Desiree has the task of finding out what is going on and who is attempting to knock off the heirs to Uncle Victor's fortune. There are other relatives who stand to benefit in the will if the two primary beneficiaries are out of the way, so Desiree must put her sleuthing skills to the test to see if she can find out who the killer is before he or she kills again.

I found this novel to be entertaining and enjoyable to read. I like Selma Eichler's writing style, and even though I've read some negative reviews online, I myself enjoy the books. I've read about eight or nine so far, and every one of them kept me turning pages for more.

If you want to read an entertaining, lighthearted mystery, Murder Can Cool Off Your Affair would probably be a book you would enjoy.