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Murder Can Depress Your Dachshund By Selma Eichler

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Selma Eichler has written some delightful books about Private Investigator Desiree Shapiro. This novel, Murder Can Depress Your Dachshund, is one of them.

Desiree's attorney friend, Blossom Goody, has someone she wants Desiree to help. Byron has lost both of his sons, one to murder and the other due to illness. The murder victim, Jordy, was as close to a saint as a human being can be, if everything told about him is true. Cornell, the other son, is the complete opposite. Jordy was to donate his kidney to his ailing brother, and the night before the transplant, Jordy is killed. A few days after the funeral, Cornell commits suicide, convinced that his life is over because he was cheated out of his brother's kidney, and the waiting list for organs is too long for him to get another kidney in time to save him. Byron is heartbroken and needs to know why Jordy was killed. So Desiree must put her sleuthing skills to the test and see what she can find out to give some closure to poor Byron. The problem is, Jordy seems to have had no enemies, and Cornell had a slew of them. So why was Jordy the murder victim?

This was another very interesting novel by Selma Eichler. I really enjoyed it, and up to the present, I have enjoyed every Desiree Shapiro novel I have read.